i hate when i go too the same doctor i have been going too and they have all my information but they still ask you the same questions that they have answers too already in front of them the hurtful ones i mean like the ones you dare not think about since they happened i hate when i had my post appt after my angel mariah (still born) and they were asking me about was i still on the nausea meds they put me on and i was just thinking why would i be on them any more when i am not pregnant any more it almost made me cry today i have a appt with my obgyn np and she usually asks me about my health information about pregnancies but i feel like i shouldn't have too re-live that experience about mariah when i am trying too think positive about this pregnancy especially when nothing has changed and i was just there a month ago they don't understand what toll it takes on us mothers who have experienced a lost so great like that one so i have a plan too just tell her nothing has changed and i really don't want too go down memory lane about my pregnancies i have lost and why considering they are still nice and fresh in my chart i want too walk into my appt with my head up and shoulders and walk out the same instead of walking out feeling upset, sad, and confused about why things didn't go well with maraih as i sit here and type this i am getting emotional thinking about her and i think because this is a emotional time for pregnant women i think its even worse for me :(

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    I can only imagine how hard that must be. I would tell them all the things you just said here and ask them to put a note in your chart to not ask you about that any longer. I know they can and will do it if you ask. Especially if they have asked all of those things before. Even if you can't bring yourself to ask them that in person, I would call them and ask the receptionist or nurse to put the note in your chart. I think most doctors are pretty good about stuff like that.
    Yeah thats a good idea I will do that tomorrow when I go in too my appt
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