Mom, I'm pregnant.

If your teenager came to you and told you they were pregnant how would you react? Or, if you have boys, if they told you they got a girl pregnant?

I'm not going to lie, I would be very sad. I know how hard it is to raise kids when you are still trying to finish school (I am still working on my degree!) and how difficult it can be to co parent with someone you aren't with anymore. And let's face it, these type of situations might lead to lasting relationships and marriage but it's not likely.

What would your reaction be?

    I would be shocked. It would take a lot for me to not get upset, but I think it would really depend on how old she is. Teen could be anywhere from 13 to 19. If she came to me at 13 and told me she was pregnant, I would probably tell her to put the baby up for adoption only because she just wouldn't be ready to be a parent at 13. If she was older, say 17 or older, I would let her decide what she wants to do. But if she wants to keep it, she'd be expected to take care of the baby, finish school and be responsible. If she felt like she couldn't do that, then the baby should go to someone else who could take care of it. My main thing is, teenagers having babies goes back to cavemen lol. Does it bother me? No. But what does bother me is that teenagers back then were much more grown-up and adult-like. Now they aren't really "grown up" until their mid-20's or so. I wouldn't want to see my grandchild being neglected by their teenage parent. If you're gonna keep the baby, be prepared to grow up really fast and not complain about it lol.
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