well i was in and out after i finally got seen and the np soon as i got in her office she wanted too start with mariah NOPE i shut that down and told her i didn't want too talk about it and all my information was the same as it has been (no changes) i was suppose too get a exam but refuse that with her and told her i would like all my exams too be done by my obgyn and she understood right away and she was pregnant too she has 5 more weeks left the crazy thing is we both were pregnant at the same time and due around the same time so she scheduled me an appt with my doctor so i see him on Thursday which i am happy i took control of my situation and health cause usually i just sit there and tell them too do whatever and don't say anything even how i feel i am also getting a STAT echo for my heart (whole work up) from my cardiology doctor because they are worried about my heart during this pregnancy the reason i refused the exam with the np is because when i had the same exam done when pregnant with mariah she snipped something inside and after when i went too do a urine test it was alot of blood clots and alot of blood i was so scared everything was ok after a couple of hours but i am not taking any chances this time

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