The "Single" in "Single mom".

This is not a "poor me" post in any way... So, please don't take it like that. I've been a happy single mom for over 5 years now... I do it all... No big deal, I prefer it. It's all I know... I don't buy into the whole things that single mom's have it any more difficult than married ones... In fact in some ways I feel I have it easier, as I don't have a husband to manage as well. :)

Last night, my son got a temp of 104... W. T. F. I know there's some nasty viral thing taking kids out lately, but 104 was scary to see... I did what you're supposed to, and checked it 30 minutes later... 104.4

Shit.. Shit, shit, shit. He was acting ok... I mean it was clear he was sick... but man, I thought... Okay... if this sucker goes to any higher, we are heading to the ER...

This was at 10 at night. My daughter asleep. Just me. Neither of my kids can I carry far any more... Much less lug two of them down the stairs to the car... or into an ER... and of course I would have found a way and done it not problem and I never once wished that their dad was close by or anything like that, but i felt lonely. I felt scared and unsure and no one near to bounce off from... I GOT the kids, not prob... But I truly missed someone for ME... to tell ME that I was okay and all was good...

Everyone talks about single moms.. and how hard it is, etc... blah, blah, but they don't talk about what happens when WE go down. What happens when I get sick? Too sick to manage? To sick to get them to school. I got food poisoning a few years back and drove them to school with a bucket in my lap in case I threw up, which I did. I needed them out of the house so I could be sick all alone otherwise they would have stayed home with me... YES.. I do. I have MANY friends I can call upon in dire straights. And I have before... and that's fine...

I don't need anyone to tell me that I'm a good mom, or handled or strong or anything, I just think that whether we are single moms or not, when shit hits the fan, we too need someone there for US... and that most of the time, "we got this" could use someone getting you..

Like in Superman.. when Lois lane is caught by superman and he says, "I got you" and she says, "You got me? Whose got you?"


Oh.. and his temp is still high... unsettling high, but I guess that's how this virus is going... no ER trip...

thoughts ladies? Even those of you with husbands, I know they work a lot and travel, and it's all on you... you go your base of friends near?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I hope your son's temperature goes down tonight, though sometimes at night it seems to spike.

    I call my mom usually if it's something I need to discuss further details or get a second opinion. Otherwise I talk to my husband, even if he's not here I call him.
      Oh lady... I know you don't mean for it to be a pity post.. but I feel for you, big time! I do like your comment about it not always being harder than a wife with a husband.. I got to thinking the other day how much LESS stuff I would be doing if slick wasn't around (NOT that I don't want him around, haha!) but it was just a passing thought.. keeping up on it all is hard work.. I cannot imagine throwing 2 kiddos into the mix like you have.. we have two dogs, ha. I pray your son's temp goes down little by little.. leaving you a little less worry and a lot more sleep. You sure sound like super woman if you ask me.. and I bet I can guarantee that other Moms have had that horrid feeling of needing someone there for them, at that moment, just like you had.. In crazy times or confusing or overwhelming times.. I just tell myself, this too shall pass, it won't last forever.. in the moment, it kind of helps. xxo!
        my husband is travel a lot. And you know, when my son was like 3-4 I was so scared to sleep at night, I do not know why, yes I felt secure, but at the same time my thoughts were like..crazy..what if I will get a heart attack..or I will stop breathing? I have nobody around me to call 911, and my son..who is going to take care of him til' my husband will come back? We have some relatives in Minnesota, but all of them are living about 60-70 miles away. Even now, when my son is 10 years old, I still feel uncomfortable. So I just pray and ask God for protection and take away my anxiety...
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