Do you plan to buy your kids a car?

I did not buy my daughter a car when she turned 16. She didn't expect it either, she doesn't have her license yet so it would be pointless. Our agreement was that when she graduates high school I will buy her first car or will pitch in a certain amount and she has to pay the rest for a car of her choosing.

Do you see yourself buying your child's first car?

    This is something we are back and forth on and probably won't decide on until we get to that point. My parents provided me with a car, but because of financial situation I shared it with my mom, the rest of my siblings had at least part of their first car paid for. BUT, we were responsible for gas, insurance, tags and car maintenance costs.. In my case my mom and I split it since we shared the car. Dennis' mom provided him with a car, but he also had to help with expenses for it... So we are debating about outright providing the car, or helping them with the cost. But we have decided no car until they can pay for at least the gas.
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