ok need some advise or tips please with potty trainning!

ok so my daughter is 4 years old and shes going to be starting preschool here really soon and im going crazy because she will not fully potty train! she goes half of the time and she always knows when shes got to go and she will tell us but most of the time shes just being lazy and dont want too so i go through alot of underwear with her in one day. im going crazy i tried everything with sticker charts,letting her be in wet underwear,rewards,got her a cute little potty chair,done the treat reward afterwards nothing at all works if anyone has any ideas or tips that they used please feel free to share! thanks so much =)

ShannaStruthers, Ohio
    It's really common for kids not to want to stop their activities to go to the bathroom. This can absolutely lead to accidents with big kids! I would suggest making her stop to use the bathroom, even if she says she doesn't want or need to.

    Try to keep it positive. "I know you don't feel like you need to, but let's try real quick so we can get back to coloring!" and then start walking towards the bathroom. Just keep encouraging her.

    On a side note, sometimes kids will hold it because they have a UTI and using the bathroom is uncomfortable. Is it possible that may be part of it?
      No she don't have a uti and I've already told her she cant go to school if she dosent potty all that time that dont work. I do the lets go potty and take her I try to do that about every 45 mins or so but that dont seem to work either. I just dont want her to continue to use the bathroom in her underwear when she goes to school. Then she won't be able to go I've ran out of options but thanks ladies.
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