Twitching in lower stomach

Yesterday af was due but didn't show. I started feeling symptoms of af the beginning of last week. Yesterday I started feeling a twitching in my lower abdomen, it doesn't hurt just kind of annoying. All my af symptoms went away. Well except the sore breasts and nausea, but that stays all through af. I saw a little blood this morning. But not enough to even bother with. The spasms are driving me nuts. What could it be? I have never had that before.

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with the other ladies, but I also would test. That's just me though!
      Agreed as well, but if you've got a test on hand... Might as well take it at this point, I think, if you've not started within a day or two.
        Here's an update. The twitching lasted 3 days and turned to cramping. Then af showed. So if I had to guess it was probably just a new crazy symptom to add to the list.
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