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recently i have decided that i would like to try and have another child. i already have 2 healthy boys ages 9 & 7. I have alot of people tell me that the third child just throws everything off and that i shouldnt have anymore kids. i know its my decision in the end, but i was wondering what some of you moms with more than 2 kids think about this?

    now im not trying to judge anyone that chooses to have babies in their 30's. i turn 29 in about a month, and i feel like having a baby after 30 is to old and it would be like starting all over again with my boys being older at this point. My husband is not so excited about the idea because he says hes done having kids but he also says that he would love it just as much as he does our other 2 boys. i have looked at the pros and cons to it, but i keep coming back to the, i want to try one more time and see if i get a girl this time. if not then i am completly done and will be getting my tubes tied no matter the sex of the baby. i sound crazy huh? lol
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      8Theresa Gould
      It's completely up to you and your husband as to whether you have a third child. No one else should get a say in that. The fact that your boys are older just means you have two built in helpers, that's a plus. You will also have just the baby at home while your boys are in school so that could be a plus and a negative since you won't have their help. And I say it is normal to feel scared and concerned, it is a big decision. We felt like that with most of ours.
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