Nap time.. WHERE?

Mamas.. when you began getting in a routine for your baby to "nap", did you always put them in their crib? Let them sleep wherever? Try a strict routine or let them lead the way? Monroe does not nap long.. he does short cat naps all throughout the day. But more recently, sometimes I lay him in his crib.. to see if it will help. I do like that he doesn't use his crib as a crutch to nap. It totally triggers bedtime for him.. but I'm not sure I want him to get used to napping in there as we are on the go a lot and he is so good about snoozing wherever.. that might be way different from what many of you make work.. but it works for us :)

    my daughter usually has 2 naps a day, she sleeps in her bassinet during the day and crib at night. We tried to keep it at 3 naps but she gets so excited when her dad gets home she can't sleep, which is fine because then she goes to bed when she's suppose to.
      8Theresa Gould
      Mine usually napped in the morning, mid morning and in the afternoon. Though I did have some cat nappers and that was fine too, I just tried to have us all down in the early afternoon.
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