"Save Save Save " is the mantra !!

Practically speakig ..one should keep expenses in mind when getting pregnant for one or more children. They are such cute little beings that you always want to shower them with stuff since the day they are born. On top of that if you live in Bay Area you pay a lot for private schools and classes and if you want a good school zone for public schooling than you pay a big price to buy a house. We always want the best for our children and that sometimes comes with a cost. As they grow up expenses increase and so do the responsibilities. From undergraduate or graduate degrees to buying cars for them when they turn16 :). It's a never ending street so Financial stability is a very important factor one should keep in mind with a baby in the house. I think "save save save" is the mantra.

    8Theresa Gould
    I know, we did the same thing. The problem is when life gets in the way of well laid out plans and throws two bouts of unemployment in your path....figuring out life then is even more challenging because you have more children and more expenses than you ever did!