Would you let your kids hunt?

Hunting is a big thing around here, deer hunting specifically. My kids have never gone, but they know what it is. I personally wouldn't be comfortable with them going, even though I am not anti-gun. I just know a few hunters who are... well.... idiots. I would be more worried about some nincompoop shooting from their vehicle (which is illegal) or not wearing orange (again, stupid) somewhere on them.

How do you feel about kids hunting?

    I went along on the trips as a kid, but we couldn't carry a gun until we went through hunters safety.. In my case I went through at 14 because I'm so tiny that was when I developed the muscle to stay on my feet to shoot the rifle and the shot gun. If my kids wanted to go along if my dad is still hunting then , I wouldn't be against it. But they would need a hunters safety course first.
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