Food fights?

Mason is the world's pickiest eater and if we don't make him one of the 4-5 foods he likes, it seems like a HUGE battle to get him to eat. My husband asked if we were the only ones that have a child that gets so dramatic about food and I assured him we aren't... but are we?!?! Does your little one get grumpy about trying new foods? Mason spends so much time psyching himself out about it that by the time he actually tastes the food it's like an episode of fear factor complete with gagging and watering eyes. It makes us insane because we know lots of the stuff he would probably enjoy if it wasn't such a huge ordeal to get him to try it!!! HELP MOMS! What have you done to help a picky eater try new things without causing drama? Or... are we alone in this??

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    My step son is like this. One time he threw a two day fit over pasta...not because he didn't like it but because it wasn't the right shape. I had enough! Every meal I put it in front of him and finally on day 2 he ate it and we never had that issue again. When we put something in front of him he eats it. Lol when I want him to try something new I will sometimes make him something he likes and have him eat the food he doesn't like or that's new to him first. If he does it without whining and within a certain time limit then he can have the thing he likes.
    Makes total sense! And yes, he loves to help cook. Last night, he helped with the entire dinner... but when it came time to eat it was World War 3 at the dinner table!
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