Colic.. oy!

Mamas.. let's share "colic tricks & remedies" on this thread! I know so many Mamas have had a colic baby.. and are willing to try anything to see if it might be the key!

Thank heavens Monroe was not a colic baby.. but here are some tricks I heard that could help..

- driving around
- using white noise
- gripe water
- holding them sideways

Moms Expertise
    Babies with colic often cry more than three hours a day, three days a week for three weeks or longer.
    -Available over-the-counter, gas-relief medications such as simethicone (St. Joseph Baby Infants' Gas Relief, Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief, others) probably won't do much to ease your baby's symptoms. These medications are generally considered safe, except for babies who have to take thyroid replacement medications.
    -Offer a pacifier. For many babies, sucking is soothing. Even if you're breast-feeding, it's OK to offer a pacifier to calm your baby.
    -Lay your baby tummy down on your knees and then sway your knees slowly.
    -Give your baby a warm bath. Softly rub your baby's belly.
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