short on money

Does anyone know how to coupon? Not just the normal use a coupon once in a while on a few thisngs but making a total of hundreds go down more than half.

    I know there's a bunch of websites-just google 'coupons'. Make sure you know your store's coupon policy first though. A lot of them are very picky about taking coupons now thanks to the show. That's on their web site and at the customer help desk in store.
    Personally I haven't found coupons to be much help, I price shop (usually end up at 4 different stores-I find it a little rude to ask a store to price match), and buy store brand as much as possible. The few things I do buy name brand I use a coupon when they are available, but stock up when they go on sale.
    Check you store for a loyalty program, too.
      I know I have seen some Moms on here talk about it. My sister uses coupons and more on the extreme side...I have no clue how she does it and I go shopping with her all the time. I do know it takes ALOT of time and effort, but it is well worth it.
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