Potty Training/ Bed Training

What are the easiest ways to help along my 3 year old with Potty Training/ Sleeping alone ALL night in her bed? I know the two arent related...but we are having issues with both. She ACTS like she will sleep in her own bed, and for awhile she will, than she will eventually end up back with us every night. Also, with the potty training, she will do it most of the time, but she wont commit too it full time. I dont know why, i feel like she is old enough, and we have been working with her for over a year. I dont know if mine and my husbands conflicting work schedules is what is messing her up or what?

    ... I'd love to offer advice... My four year old still has problems remembering to go potty.I try to remember to ask every half hour to remind him. Heck, I have to remind my nine year old. As for the sleeping in their bed all night... Let me know lol. I know nothing short of getting up everytime they come to bed and taking them back to their bed-but I can't carry my son, so I haven't tried.
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