Mom Guilt..

Aha.. Mom Guilt.. I HEAR we all get it.. but boy oh boy did I realize how REAL it was when I finally had my baby.. it's consuming and awful all at once. If I am not guilty about one thing, I am about another.. from not spending enough time with my dog, not having a good dinner made every night, not taking care of myself.. heck, when was the last time I got my hair cut.. (we will not go there), to when I trimmed the bushes outside, I never did get around to planting flowers.. it's endless. I feel so guilty about the lack of time since having Monroe and how scatter brained things become.. Mamas.. can you relate? Do you learn to let it go?

    It is AWFUL!!!! Don't let it get to you mama. No, I don't think anyone will ever let it go, but I have gotten better (still not perfect) at realizing I'm doing it and trying to stop
      I agree it is awful, but we're exhausting ourselves everyday with all the extras we have to do now that we didn't have to do before. I'm guilty that I never get my house cleaned everyday and my toddler really makes that completely impossible for me. Dishes are always in the sink, but there's always 30 diapers to change a day now too. Lol. I have to constantly remind myself that it's not humanly possible to get it ALL done and to cut myself some slack.
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