Will you use the same birthing method next time?

One part of planning is determining how we intend to have our child, or our next child.

Have you thought about how you would give birth to your next child?

Are you interested in VBAC?
Ready to dive into the water birthing craze?
Meds? No meds?

How do you want to give birth next time? Or even this time?

    I was fine with the epidurals until I started swapping birth stories with my sister.. I have whole blocks of time during labor I had to ask Dennis what happened because I cannot remember them. With my youngest I did all natural, water birth. (well...until the head nurse snuck pitocin in...) I will not go back to pain meds unless something is seriously wrong. You get in the water and you can just float, it takes the pressure off your feet, which takes it off your spine, which helps.
    I think this sounds like an amazing way to birth! I've watched some vids on Youtube of water births and it seems amazing.
    it is amazing. :) if i had been able to stand the smell of bleach from the bathtub I would have been in water for the last two hours before she was born.
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