Dance moms

Is your child in dance classes? I'm curious as to why they participate in these classes. My daughter never showed an interest but she probably would have done it if I had put her in. I never did it either, I was into gymnastics.

So just out of curiosity, why did or would you put your child in dance classes?

    My ex inlaws put m daughter in dance classes for the last 4 years... simply because she started walking on her toes like a ballerina when she was 2. She liked them for awhile, but hated them last year because they kept her with the younger kids instead of advancing her with kids her age.. She wouldn't remember the routines and she's tiny.
    ... forgot to add.. I would not allow it simply for the costumes. I don't like the idea of any child of mine being basically half naked and dancing in front of strangers. No thank you.
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