6 months.. still here :)

Mamas.. in an effort to embrace ALL things that work for different families.. share below how old your little one was when they finally slept in their own room for the first time.. I will confess, and I am not ashamed a bit.. that Monroe will be 6 months in a week and has never slept a night in his own room. He is in a smaller travel crib still next to our bed.. it works for us, our house, our jobs, our lifestyle.. and I do not regret it!

    Adrianna was a year and a half when we got our own house to have a room for her. Andrew was moved when he was three months because he outgrew the bassinet that fast. Eva was a year, but she was in a room with Andrew, so not really on her own. Gracee...I'm putting it off, but she will be in her own room alone by next month, so six months.
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