Potty training

I start the potty training with Anastasia from the moment she turned 9 month. First I put her on the potty only 3 times on day, she accept it first and she was ok with it, but after a week of training she started to cry and to refuse to sit on potty, I was lucky because we went in a short vacation and we didn't trained her in this time so she forgot the ugly part of potty. So when we turned back home we start the training again and it was a success. After a short time I understood that she has to go before her nap (she sleeps 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening) and after nap. And now she has days that is doing only to the potty..yeiii..
I suppose that I have to wait till she has the instinct of holding and telling me that she needs to go, and when she will do this she is fully trained.
What were your experience of potty training and how did you face this hard part of being mom.

    We started trying to potty train but i'm taking it slow seeing how she can't tell me when she has to go but I know when she's ready to go. Still work in progress.
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        I started "potty assimilating" when Avery was about 7.5 months old. I can't call it potty training because she was too young to really understand her instincts and communicate her needs. Mostly it was just getting her used to peeing somewhere other then her diaper.

        Right after her first birthday she suddenly stopped going on the potty when I'd offer it too her. Really it was just because she was holding it longer as her bladder grew. I switched into more of a potty training approach and started teaching her the words pee pee and poo poo, as well as learning to recognized the feeling of needing to go. It wasn't easy and she's spend most of the last 4-5weeks naked from the waste down. Every time she'd have an accident I'd point at her and say "pee pee! you're going pee! Pee pee goes in the potty" and I'd walk her to the toilet. Just last week I got real frustrated. I thought she wasn't getting it at all. Then all the sudden, success! today she walked to the toilet herself, whined until I helped her, and peed on the potty! She's only 13 months old so I feel like that's a huge breakthrough

        Don't give up. Stay the course and she WILL get it :)
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