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I would like to know more about how you start with solid food to your babies. I started when Anastasia has 5 month and I started with boiled carrot on the blender on the afternoon meal, I after 3 days I put with the carrot other root, first parsnip, parsley root, potato... and every time I wait 3 days to see how she reacts at the new vegetable, after 4 weeks or so I gave her meat (chicken, turkey and beef). After she turned 10 month I gave her fish. At ten 10 o'clock meal I give her fruits with homemade cheese, or simply fruits and at the 6 p.m. I give her fruits or yogurt.
I didn't gave Anastasia til now salt or sugar and I intend to do so til she turne 12 month or later.
How did you start with your babies ? From what age your kids are eating normal food?

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    Since I breastfeed and still do, our pediatrician told us to wait until 6 months to start solids which we did although I did give her some organic oat cereal around 5 months. I started with vegetables pureed with a mil or blender, Peas, sweet potatoes, acorn squash... then fruit banana, apple, pears, mango's... Selena has tried and loves chicken, she's tried lean beef too but she doesn't like the texture of it much.
    We did the same wait 3 days for all new foods and still do. Also she eats breakfast lunch and dinner baby size portions and she has breastmilk before each meal and a little water after each meal, in her sippy cup. Selena loves her veggies and fruit and we mix some now such as chicken and green beans for lunch or supper and mango or apple and oat cereal, banana with or without cereal, and a teething biscuit now and then.
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      I did rice cereal at 4 months, simple purees at 5 months (nothing harsh or acidic), and then blended and slightly thicker ones at 6 months along with oatmeal cereal. I will be starting him on meat when he turns 7 months, but it will be boiled, organic and plain (will mix with some veggies). I also did the three day trial period with each new food.
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