Whoo Hoo!

So I was just picking up around the living room when all the sudden I realized Avery was heading to the bathroom with a toy in her hand. My first though was that she was going drop it in the toilet. I had my hands full so I tried calling her back over to me. She paused in front of the toilet and just looked at me. I called again and she stood there and whined. Then I thought maybe she had to go potty. No way, right? There's no way she actually recognized that she had a full bladder and walked over there, right?

Well, it turns out she did. I put her on the toilet and within a minute she was tinkling! After all the times I cleaned poop and pee off the floor I was ecstatic! Totally made my day :)

    That is so cool! I am totally jealous...I know you have been working hard with her though. Great job Mom and Avery!
      8Theresa Gould
      Yay! Way to go Taylor and Avery! Congratulations!
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