After my daughter, I will admit, I was worried about everything. I wanted her to be super smart and there was a part of the marriage that I failed on my part. I was a mom 24/7. I didn't have an "off" to my mommy switch.

The one night I had tried to turn "off" the mommy switch - Ember was 5 months old - we were talking about when we would have another child in a year or 5 years in the future. My husband and I were cuddled up and when I was about to make a move... he screams out at my touch. "COLD HANDS!"

Apparently the vampire in me felt so cold against him that it completely turned the "off" switch for any sexual feelings. I'm pretty sure my neighbors (living in an apartment at the time) heard my husbands cry for mercy. I curled up in a ball and felt so horrible. Mostly humiliated. My husband ended up laughing. I didn't know what was going to happen next.

We still laugh about the "Cold Hands" and after that moment I really began to start working on our "on" and "off" switches in the world of mommy-hood.

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    It's good to remember and laugh about those things. I love coming home from the paper route to cuddle up to hubby. I purposely put my feet on him to warm them up, even if it means waking him up....I'm such an imp! lol! And my husband is a very good sport about it , then usually gets me back in his impish style!
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