Very Sleep Deprived Momma

Well, My son has pretty much had something up with him on and off since he was 3 months old and he's just turned 8 months now. We just got him put on a new formula after a month + long bout of constipation that nothing seemed to be getting rid of until the formula change. Before that it was about 3 weeks of diarrhea. Before that it was teething and colds etc etc.

Anyway point being that my little man has had so many rough nights he's now got bad sleeping habits ingrained, and is still drinking bottles at night. I got told on Monday by the doctor I need to make him go cold turkey and just give him water at night from now on. Well, let's just say the baby is NOT HAPPY about that at all.

He has been waking up and stays up crying for hours if I just give him the water. I went two nights staying strong and not giving in to the need to give him a bottle but 3 nights in and I'm just too exhausted and this isn't working so I'm going to go back to weaning him gradually, which was what I was working on before his latest health issues. I had him down to one bottle a night but it's slowly crept back up to nearly 3 again.

My next plan of attack is to give him a bottle at bed, a bottle when I go to bed and then try water for the rest of the night. If that doesn't work I'm thinking back to my original weaning process.

Does anyone have any similar experiences with having troubles weaning the night feeding? I could really use some tips!

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      8Theresa Gould
      I like Tabitha Hidalgo's idea of putting less in the bottles. Could you even water it down slowly so he gets use to it until it's water?
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