How important is it to keep a chiilds routine that they have had for years when the parents are not together?

My daughter is 8 and her dad keeps changing her routine up everytime it suits him and I don't think it's right..We have a court order but it doesn't do me any good cause he's allowed to do whatever he wants.We just started having problems before Christmas, and we ended up in court. We went from doing things a certain way that worked for us and the way we thought the papers meant.But when he got mad he started changing things. Like he used to get her once every other week for a dinner night and then he decided after almost six years that he was gonna get her once a week cause he noticed the papers were wrong concerning this.I did not agree and wanted to get it changed to say what we had been doing and in the process I was sticking to our once every other week until it got fixed.I didn't want to change her routine.In the process he took me to court for not giving him what he wanted and made me look like a complete B cause I couldn't afford a lawyer like him. And I got found in contempt and had to pay $500! So now that is changed along with a bunch of other stuff that is to hard to explain. And then today he text me two hours before he was coming to inform me he was getting her 30 mins earlier than what we have been doing cause he got off early.He has been getting her from 330-7-30 since she started kindergarden and now all of a sudden he wants to come early because he says he can becuase the dinner time use to be 2-730 before she entered school.So he says he allowed to get her at 2 in the summer time, but my thing is he has never done it any other summer.It's been 330 since school started.Why change it now?And then my thing is, I understand he works and gets off at different times but I don't think he should be able to come anytime he feels like between 2 and 330 with only a couple hours notice..To me it either needs to be 2 or 330 (a set time). But if I say anything I fear he will call his lawyer and try and say I'm not cooperating.He has his lawyer on speed dial.And it's killing me that I feel I can't say anything and that I have to do everything he says..I don't know what to do!

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