Baby NAP Time..

Mamas.. share your CURRENT baby's nap time below! It will make me jealous and envious all at once :) Also list how old they are!

Monroe.. (almost) 6 months.. He will take one longer, perhaps an hour or so nap, in the morning - after he has had a bottle and played - then around 1 or so he sometimes can take a nap - then in the evening he sometimes is ready to take a longer nap.. note I always say SOMETIMES because this kid is not consistent! ha

    Until Tristen was about 6 months there was one nap a day if I was lucky that lasted maybe about a half hour...if I was holding him...and never at the same time of the day. Bedtime was sleep an hour at a time, eat for a half hour, then sleep for an hour. That was his routine from about 9 pm to 5 am then he was just up. It felt like he never slept.

    Now he takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday after I have literally played chase with him for about an hour. lol And he sleeps through the night now as well. It does get better :-)
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