My kid does this one thing that drives me crazy...

None of our kids are perfect, so here's your vent post! What is one thing your child does that drives you crazy?

With my son he might ask for something, say if we can go to the store. I say not right now. He asks when. I say in an hour. Before that hour is up he will ask me at least twice if he has to wait an hour to ask. And you better believe when that hour is up he is reminding me! I'm like UGH, chill out Bub! lol

My daughter is very passive aggressive when she is mad. She gets this look on her face that is hard to describe, but I know in her head she is yelling at me and I am every four letter word you can think of. I want to say "Don't you look at me in that tone of voice!" haha.

They are good kids and I love them to pieces. But some days... oy.

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