Exersaucer.. love it? hate it?

Mamas.. this question is to the babies in your house.. did they love or hate the exersaucer!? Monroe seems to LOVE his.. although I can tell his little legs do get tired after awhile.. but it seems to be great stimulation for him, he plays quietly by himself.. love it!

    ok...I have a 9 month old. We bought the exersaucer for him and he liked it briefly, and will still set in it sometimes and play but not for very long. We thought we had the most high maintenance baby ever (because our oldest loved his) We ended up buying that, the play mats with stuff above him, the bouncer thing that you hook in a door frame, and everything else we could think of. Finally my husband found a walker type thing (which they didn't have for my 6 year old when he was little and they had terrible reviews, and talked about children getting hurt and rolling downstairs... blah blah) He LOVES it .. We have had it since he was probably 4 months old and it lowers and raises for their height. We have wood floors and he drives all over the house. It is hilarious and awesome! If you don't have stairs that he can fall down and even if you only have hard floors in your kitchen, it's worth buying it!!!
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