Share your funniest memory of having a teenager/teenagers!

I love the teen years, by far they have been my favorite. I'm not saying it's been flowers and unicorns at all times, lol. But I just really relate well to this age group and really enjoy seeing who my daughter is turning out to be going into adulthood (gasp).

One of the funniest things that has ever happened was when we went to a local theme park together. Now she loves checking out guys "Oh he's so cute!" and I laugh at her. One day when we went there was a show with people dressed up in country gear. I kid you not, this one guy had on tight jeans and was a very easy on the eyes.

As we stood there I realized this would be a great time to embarrass her, as teens embarrass so easily. So I started whistling at their dancing and calling out that my daughter wanted his phone number.

I don't think I have ever seen her face turn that red. She still talks about that and says it was funny and embarrassing, lol.

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