Bye Bye Bottle??

My son gets a bottle for nap time, and a bottle at bed time. He is 14 months old and I am being told to stop the bottles altogether. Im having issues with this now.. my son does not take a pacifier and has been rocked to sleep with a bottle since he was born.. So far I give him the bottle of milk then when hes almost asleep I switch it out for a bottle of water.. that way hes atleast getting his mouth rinsed... I can not just go cold turkey.. Do you all give them sippy cups with milk instead during the day so they still get the nourishment? Thanks for any tips/advice

    Every household and every child is different, as are pediatricians. My sons Pediatrician said it's good to start weening them off the bottle and pacifier if still in use by 14 months of age. However, sippy cups/straws with the same beverages are better to attempt to create more independence, and as they learn to have their own independence they tend to enjoy it and become more curious and couragous or demanding lol. :-)
    We were told milkvshould be limited to anywhere between 16-20 ounces per day, and "if" yogurt is in the diet to keep in mind its is a dairy product and to include it into the ounce intake of milk. You should follow what you feel is best and the doctor your trust.

    As for us, we began to introduce our son to sippy cups at 9 months and he still enjoyed his bottle at night through right about 14 months if not sooner. Some parents begin at 6 months while others at 18. It's whats most comfortable for your child. I wouldn't recommend forcing them to use it tho. And trust me, there were some we purchased that our lil guy just didn't like (or that we didn't) and/or leaked and created a mess that made him very uncomfortable, but it's part of the learning process.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying out a sippy cup during the day and providing what's most comfortable for him when it's time to sleep. We want to create a peaceful environment when our little ones begin to rest and if that's what helps, don't feel ashamed to continue. But also, don't be afraid of introducing him to his promotion of a big boy cup during the day. :-) It may be exciting for you both :-) We are all here for you to help you through this and ANYTHING! Stay positive. big hugs
    Jamie, thank you for your feedback! We started sippy cups when he was like 7 or 8 months old and he takes to them during the day fine.. he likes some better than others.. but I haven't tried any at night time yet. Maybe ill make the switch from milk in a bottle to milk in a sippy cup and see how that works. I guess it's hard for me to take it from home knowing that he's so high energy and that is the one thing that calms him down! haha.
      I switched my son to a sippy cup of milk until I noticed he wasn't drinking it. If it's been a while since dinner I will give him a snack before bed. I think we stopped with the sippy cup about a month ago and he's a year and a half now.
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