When in a bad mood...

when your significant other, partner or care taker are in a bad mood or having a very challenging day, do you notice them taking it out on your child, or giving them less attention, or demonstrating these frustrations/anger/hardships in the presence of your child? If so, how have you reacted about it? How have your children reacted? How has it made each of you feel? And most importantly, have they realized or said anything about it to either of you?

    Last week my husband got into a bad mood, mostly just stress and being tired, but it lasted for days. I noticed that he was barely holding our daughter... He would hold her for like ten minutes when he got home and then if I asked him to and that's not like him. He didn't say anything about it, I don't think he really noticed he was doing it. After a few days, I was getting stressed out, so I asked him what was going on. We talked about it for a little and he's been back to normal ever since. I've noticed that a lot of times, I have to tell him when he's acting differently because he doesn't notice, I think it's a guy thing. Lol.
    I completely understand how it can be rather frustrating. Mine acted a bit cold when highly stressed from work recently too. He kept to himself more than anything and just couldn't shake things off enough to have a good time and enjoy some of the cute things our son was doing at times. We always share how our days are or share things going on especially when challenging and he wasn't doing this. I had to finally have a talk with him when little man was asleep. I agree not always may we realize how we affect others when we are struggling with "Anything" mentally. He works so late sometimes and our son doesn't like going to bed without seeing Daddy. Sometimes, I think it's good to have our eyes opened up a little wider :-) Good thing he had you to help him realize ;-)
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