Had my appt today

So I had my week 37 appt today, including a sonogram. My son's approximate weight is 5lb 13oz, which was expected, we expected him to be a smaller baby. My dr is concerned however that though his head and leg measurements are normal his abdominal measurements are reading small. They think the placenta may not be nourishing him properly. Now I have to go twice a week and have non stress tests done. I had the first one done today and the readings were normal. Otherwise not much change from last week, so it looks like I'm probably going to make it to or close to his due date of 8/18 unless the tests don't go well and I have to have him sooner.

    8Theresa Gould
    I hope things continue to go well. They were all concerned about my first baby being too large for me, blah, blah and I delivered her fine. Sometimes the ultrasounds are not 100% accurate.
      Lol he seems so big compared to my daughter, she was 4lb 10oz at birth, just shy of 35 weeks and was expected to be under 7lbs had she been full term. They were more concerned about the different measurements not matching than his overall weight, since they've expected him to be on the smaller side. I have my next non stress scheduled for Tues, then I have another on Thurs along with another sonogram that day as well. Hopefully his results continue to be good, like today's were :)
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