Nursing Tips!

Mamas.. do you have any secrets that helped you while nursing? It can be anything at all, positioning to help your back, how to help the baby latch on better, how to get your supply to come down.. anything!

I would constantly remind myself to sit back.. I had a bad habit of hunching over to meet the baby nursing when I needed the baby brought to me closer to nurse. Once I remembered this.. my back felt MUCH better. Also.. that boppy pillow.. amazing at times!

    My biggest tip would be to relax! I think we over complicate breast feeding when really it is as natural as child birth. We put so much stress and pressure on Mom's that when it comes time to nurse they are so worried they will do something wrong that they can't do it. Sit back, take a breath and let your baby and Mommy instincts will let you know if something is wrong :-)
      I'm in the process of weening James off of nursing since he's almost 14 months, but my best piece of advice is to relax and enjoy the bonding with your child. Also don't listen to what others say about it. I had a friend give up breastfeeding because her friend told her it was disgusting.
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