We Survived "Vacation"

We made it! We flew across the country and back, stayed on Pacific time sleep schedules and had no in flight meltdowns (my toddler or me). Granted I was extremely uncomfortable/in pain for both the 4 hour flights we had (each direction was a 4+ hour, layover, then 2+ hour flight). But we made it back, my toddler had a good day yesterday with no meltdowns. I think we were all just happy to be home. Now I can focus on getting this baby's room totally finished and ready!!

    WOW! How did you manage that? Great job!
      My husband was super helpful and got well versed on My Little Ponies and their accessories. My two year old's favorite game was to take them all out of her backpack, line them up on Daddy's tray table, then take them back one at a time, talking to them in gibberish, petting their hair and putting them back in the bag. One flight consisted of 3 hours of this and since I was on the aisle seat so I could get up frequently, he got the joy of playing Ponies for 3 hours... hahahaha
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