Reasons not to fold laundry

I'm seriously considering this. I like this idea.…

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    LOL Right now I fold it all, the kids sometimes help fold, and the kids put theirs away. I don't mind the folding right now, but it'd be nice for them to have their own little basket at least.
      I hang most of Tristens stuff up...I like to be able to see what I'm pulling out. The only thing that ever gets folded is some of his pants.
        8Theresa Gould
        Our children do their own laundry for the most part and are suppose to fold and put it away.
          I showed my husband the post last night and he's not sure I could stand NOT folding it. But agrees it might be good thing to get the kids their own smaller baskets they can carry upstairs. So I will probably go that route.. I mean we're talking like $10 for three sturdy baskets... and I do need new laundry baskets, mine are literally falling apart.
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