Did you name your child after anyone?

It was important to me that my children have their own first names not named after anyone. I don't love the idea of kids being named after other people for their first name, in my mind that should be kept to the middle name. It's totally a personal preference though and it isn't an opinion that extends to anyone elses naming traditions. I had no opinion about what other people do in this situation.

I am curious though, did you name your child after anyone else? Why or why not?

    My son and step son both have the same middle name just spelled different. It's my husbands uncles name he was close to who has passed away. Their first names are their own though. If we ever had a girl though I would love to name her Vivian partly because it was my grandmas name and just because I've always love the name.
      We won't name our children after family, but we may take some cues from fiction and history. Not fully, just hints, the way my name is. My middle name is Nicole, chosen after Nicola Tesla, which makes me proud!
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