Article: Natural childbirth key to beginning life with a strong immune system

I don't think I stopped to consider the differences in childbirth methods and the health of the baby, as long as they are healthy, right? But according to a recent study, researchers are suggesting babies born naturally have stronger immune systems. I would think this would give some doctors and hospitals motivation to lower their c-section rates, but I digress.

"Studies have also shown that children delivered by C-section have a different composition of microorganisms (flora) in their guts from children delivered vaginally. Given the role that intestinal flora play in regulating many of the body's systems, this difference may account for some of the long-term health effects observed in C-section children, including higher rates of allergies and asthma and a 20 percent higher risk of diabetes."

It will be interesting to see how their studies continue to go, but in the mean time what do you think of these findings?…

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