Baby Hair.. Did it change?

Mamas.. did your baby's hair change color, texture, both from the time they were born until they were older or.. now? haha I hear about some many people's baby's hair changing.. and some not.. I am curious!

Monroe's is whispy blonde.. I love it.

Moms Expertise
    Adrianna's is getting thicker, but the color has always been dirty blonde. Andrew's has always been thick and dirty blonde,,but his is getting a little darker. Eva has always been my little red head. Grace's is changing, she came out pitch black and is now lightening up ever so slightly with some red tint to it.
      Melissa Middleton
      My son's eyes are still blue, like his daddy's (I have blue-green). His hair was dirty blonde when he was born than began to darken and now it changed, again, to a very light orange and seems to be staying that way. I love my sweet, little Ginger Baby. :)
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