Mothering and the Internet

Oh how I wish I had the internet when I first became a mom, but I had a good long distance plan (still do!) so I could call my mom or my good friend in Canada!

The internet became a life line actually when I had my third child and had three children ages 3 and under. I was able to connect with more friends and family, but I also found a good mothering forum (it's no longer around). Being online helped me a lot and I discovered I wasn't alone in many things I was going through.

I will admit that there has to be limits or else the internet can take over your life and there's no replacing real life relationships with our family and friends.

How has the internet affected your mothering? For good or bad?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Danielle Keltner
    For me -GOOD... I was one of the first "myspace generation" as some call it. I'm very thankful of the internet.

    After the 6th month of pregnancy, I had to quit work and move away from my friends. I was already 10 hours away from my family. Now I'm 12 hours away. It was hard at first, but without the internet I'm not sure how much we would have stay connected as we do now. In some ways I love living in a rural area, but sometimes I despise it. Other than my husband and inlaws all my friends and family stay connected via internet.
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