Update on My Husband

Might remember, he had a seizure the other day while out on deployment and the unhelpful military docs told him to suck it up and drink some water, and he spent the rest of that day sick, dizzy, and with pounding headaches...he had the day off today, and spent most all of it sleeping and resting and feels much better. It's been decided that a lack of rest, a major change in stress levels, and general depression and anxiety, along with swapping back and forth from scorching outdoor heat to freezing indoor heat is what caused it...but as of right now, he seems fine.

    Melissa Middleton
    Oh dear. I am glad he is feeling better. I have seizures (I take medicine and haven't had one in over 5 years) and I get those painful, dreaded migraines so I understand. The military docs there do not seem sympathetic and need to do their job.
      8Theresa Gould
      Good to hear he is feeling better. You must be relieved.
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