appt rescheduled with my obgyn feeling better

well after my appt with the NP i got rescheduled with my regular doctor and i told him how i felt and he understood i actually felt a whole lot better when i walked out of there and i got another ultrasound so i got too see my little peanut and hear the HEART BEAT it was beautiful thanks ladies for your words of wisdom and concerns they really helped me out the heart beat is at 158 she said its really good and strong which was great too hear now i have my two cardiology appts too go too to check on my heart and my appt with another specialist for me and the baby too see how often i have too be seen in this pregnancy because of me being high-risk so just crossing my fingers and praying threw this month :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    Glad you are feeling better and your appointment went well.
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