Scary Morning :-(

Clara woke up this morning with a really stiff neck. She refuses to move it much. There are no other symptoms. I checked for knots, swelling and bruises and there's nothing. I called the doctor and she said we can make an appointment but if she shows any symptoms related to meningitis then she'll have to go to the hospital. Grandma ran down to the store to get Motrin for the pain. If it doesn't work in the next couple hours, then we'll go ahead and go to the appointment but if it starts to improve, I'll cancel the appointment and just make sure she rests her neck. I'm really hoping it's just a muscle strain and nothing else :'(

    Oh poor thing!
      Poor thing...I hope the Motrin helps.
        8Theresa Gould
        Must have been the way she slept or something, eh?
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