Ears Pierced?

Mamas? Did you get your little baby girl's ears pierced when she was little? I have heard as tiny as 2 months it can be done in the doctor's office? I had a boy.. but I don't think I would do that for a future little girl.. what about you?

    Danielle Keltner
    My husband and I agreed to wait until my daughter was old enough to tell us she wanted it done. We got them done earlier this year... Sadly she managed to keep taking them out so no more. I suggest somewhere other than walmart.
      I did for my daughters second birthday. I always have all kinds of jewelry on and her daddy has his ears pierced so of course she would want them too. She cried for a minute then got some icecream and was perfectly fine! However I never put bigger earrings or anything like that on her, always tiny little baby earrings so that they don't stretch out her ear lobes. We have never had any problems with them getting infected or anything I always make sure I clean them very well.
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