picky food todder

Anyone have a toddler who is a food picky eater?

Few months ago, my son started to picky on food and he has specific food that he will eat. I want him to eat varies of food. My ideas for food had ran out and felt so limited to specific food as I want to make one meal for a whole family than make two different meals.

Any suggestion that can encourage toddler to eat more varies of food than being picky?

    The thing that works for my son is to just keep giving them to him. Eventually he eats them again, some things take a while for him to eat again.
      8Theresa Gould
      In addition to what the other ladies suggested, I would offer Gabriel one new thing at each meal and firmly saying he has to eat it.
        I think Melissa's idea of sauces is pretty great. What about prepared differently? Cut up in fun shapes?
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