While the kids Sleep!!

Had you ever sat down after you put the kids to bed and just reminisce of THE GREAT JOB YOU HAD DONE TODAY?

well last night I did this and I was such proud of myself that my kids are kept safe from harm, that I kept my patience thru my son tantrum and screaming, that I was able to manage Dinner time, bath time, but mommy time, hubby time, baby in tummy turning and kicking, and still had time to sit and said to myself GREAT JOB GIRL, EVERYONE IS ALIVE!!! Let's not be so hard on ourself if we made it this far we can make it Futher!!!

Ever LopezFlushing, New York
    Ever Lopez
    Indeed!! Specially with all these news of moms losing there patience and hurting there childrens!!!
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm kind of bad at giving myself pep talks so I can't say that I've had this kind of conversation with myself. But you make very good points.
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