Way To Make Someone Feel Bad...

As if my morning wasn't already hectic enough, I just called the doctor office to cancel her appointment (because she's doing better, thank God) and the receptionist made me feel like complete $#*!. She said she'll have to mark it as a no show (and that means I'll be charged for not coming) because they are short on doctors and they have had to turn away patients. The appointment she had could have gone to someone else who needed it. Well, sorry my kid is doing better and sorry you guys are understaffed. But that's not my fault. The nurse I talked to on the phone this morning was the one who wanted to make an appointment, not me. And maybe you should let people know ahead of time that your cancellation policy is 4 hours before the appointment! That little bit of information would have been helpful.....

    8Theresa Gould
    That's frustrating but I am glad to hear Clara is doing better!
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