Mamas.. do your babies or little ones snore? I looked over and saw my sweet snoring bulldog.. ha! And thought it would be a fun question to ask. I used to be a light sleeper, until Stella came along, the bulldog, she sounds like a 70 year old man.. it's so funny. But I slowly learned to sleep more even while she snores.. infact, I worry now when I don't hear her :)

Anyways.. do you, your SO or kiddos snore? Thank goodness it's just our bulldog up in this house.. so far ;)

    Melissa Middleton
    My hubby most certainly does, and it drives me bonkers! Sometimes, I take my foot and lightly nudge him awake so I can try falling asleep. My son also snores, sometimes, when his allergies are acting up. His snoring is adorable though and can barely be heard.
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      Melissa Middleton
      That is frightening. I bet you worried all of the time.
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