When to have the sex talk and body changes talk?

My kids know that sex makes a baby but they have no idea what sex is. They know mommy has an egg and daddy has a part he adds, but they have no idea how this is done. They also know you need love to make a baby.

My 9yr old has been more curious lately and wants to know exactly how it all happens. I am not exactly sure what to say. I plan to be honest but I am not sure how much detail to give.

I also think it is probably getting about time to talk to him about puberty and changes that might start happening.

I remember being in 5th grade when I was given the sex talk and puberty talk.

What information and details do you tell kids and at what ages?

When did your parents talk to you? What did they say? What was your reaction?

    My kids are both the type that like things plain and simple. I gave them the information and then let them ask questions. I made it really simple, I said the dad puts his penis into the vagina of the mom and then they make a baby together.

    Eventually they wanted to know more, like the HOW does that happen (explaining ejaculation is.. uh... fun... lol) but they didn't need to know all of that right away. ;)
      8Theresa Gould
      I gave as much detail to satisfy their questions. It was when they were about to hit puberty or just after they got the whole spiel, unless their questions took us there.

      My parents really didn't talk to me. My mom handed me a book the health nurse had. Honestly I didn't get a lot of stuff until I was married, even after reading more about it before we got married.
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