Ways to keep big kids occupied on road trips.

We are going to be taking a road trip in a few days so I could use suggestions on ways to keep a 10 year old and 16 year old entertained.

I'll have plenty of snacks and drink for them and will likely let them take handheld gaming systems with them, but eventually they will get bored. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Tell them to fill their backpacks full of entertainment. Books, puzzle books. Alphabet game, road bingo (so many different versions, just pick stuff to watch for...oooo check Pinterest lol), state license plate games. Maps.... I learned to read a map very early on and would sit with the map in my lap so I could keep track of where we were.
    GPS is great, but I find things on paper atlases that dont show up on GPS. So if you are open to pit stops, try roadtrippers.com or just start googling.
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