Baby Activities.. 6 months

Mamas.. do you recall things you did with your little one when they were 6 months old? They are in a funny phase.. they WANT to move but cannot move very well still.. or so we are finding out :) Here are some things Monroe does throughout the day..

- exersaucer play.. I add new toys around him, sometimes he really gets playing in here for a long while and loves it!
- tummy time.. aka roll around time.. we simply lay him on the floor and away he goes.. rolling, reaching..
- bumbo time.. sometimes we sit him in his bumbo, read to him, give him toys to play with..
- daily reading.. we read to Monroe daily!
- stroller walks.. Monroe loves going in the stroller and Mama loves a good walk!
- ABCs.. I sign the ABCs to Monroe daily.. he LOVES it.. honestly gets so happy when I get his attention to watch me :)

Share what else you might do with a 6 month old!

    Melissa Middleton
    I do all what you do but I also sing songs to him and do baby exercises. :)
    Jonah loves books. My step-daughter, Jaina, likes them when she is in the mood to be read to. Lol
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